About Cleon Papadopoulos


Cleon Papadopoulos works in London and is a director of London Alfa Ltd and is a Member of the Institute of Directors (IoD). Prior to this appointment in 2015, Cleon Papadopoulos served in a number of high profile roles both within the UK and in Greece. These roles included acting as Chairman and CEO of the Hellenic Post Bank and several years as an Executive Director, both at UBS and SBC Warburg, and as a Director with the Swiss Bank Corporation.

Alongside his professional roles, Cleon Papadopoulos has served on a number of boards mainly in Greece, such as the Hellenic Bank Association, the Greek Post Office, and Attica Bank among others. As with his work experience he has a global educational background, studying in Greece, the UK and later the US, where he earned his MBA in Finance and Marketing.

Outside of work, Mr Papadopoulos enjoys keeping fit and healthy through participation in a number of sporting activities, particularly tennis, which he plays competitively. Mr Papadopoulos also likes to eat healthy meals, with a passion for the flavours of Asian cuisine. He loves to travel and has visited many destinations; his favourites include the Greek Islands, Istanbul and San Francisco.